“Nude” art models have been a major part of the porn industry since the mid-1970s, when Playboy introduced the first “nude model” contest in a contest featuring nude art models, the magazine announced on Tuesday.

“Our vision is to create a community of nude artmodels and make them an integral part of our community,” the Playboy brand’s founder, Hugh Hefner, said in a statement.

“Nudity is not a luxury, but an essential part of beauty and pleasure.

Our art is not about being thin or short.

It is about showing that we’re not just sexual objects, but are people.”

Porn sites such as PornHub and Vivid.com have long had nude models on their models pages.

Playboy has since launched an official line of models including model Kate Upton and actress Jennifer Lawrence, as well as actress Amber Heard and actor Corey Haim.

The Playboy brand has also announced the addition of a nude model contest to its official website, in which aspiring models compete for cash prizes and, if they win, nude art prints.

In January, Playboy launched a contest called “Naked Artistry” that had nude women competing for the right to design a nude art print.

In February, Playboy announced the launch of a contest in which model Victoria Justice was invited to design and paint nude art work for the Playboy model contest.

The nude artworks, called “Dirty Jobs,” are part of a larger project called “A Look Back,” which is meant to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Playboy.

In addition to Playboy’s art and modeling contests, the company also hosts a monthly nude art gallery, the Playboy Art Gallery, which features work from some of the biggest names in the industry, including Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift.