By now you’ve probably heard about the new “home” concept.

But is it actually a good idea to put up a piece of art in your house?

Or will it only take you a short time to lose the sense of place?

Here are 10 of the most beautiful pieces of art that you may find in a new home.1.

The Batsuit of the Queen, a piece by artist Alexey Khrushchev, which is now on view at the British Museum (Picture: British Museum)The Queen’s Batsuits are a very important piece of artwork in the UK.

The Queen commissioned the original Batsutis to be used on her horse Queen Victoria.

It’s said that when she left Buckingham Palace, the Batsuks had already been in use for more than 250 years, and were considered to be one of the finest pieces of artwork ever created.

So, how do you know when to put something up in your new home?

The answer is that you need to pay attention to your surroundings.

You can read more about the Betsuit here.2.

The Red-White-Blue (Red-White) Cube by artist Mark Hopper, which has now been installed in a home in Brooklyn, New York (Picture (Cameron Smith/Getty Images))Mark Hopper is one of our favourite artists to watch in 2017, as he creates pieces that are both whimsical and highly original.

But, his latest piece is not just any cube.

This Red-Whites-Blue cube was one of his more successful pieces of work.

The artwork was commissioned by a Chinese government agency, and was one part of a larger series of artworks that Hopper created.3.

The Painted Lady, a sculpture by Dutch artist Kees van der Wiel, which was installed in the house of an Australian family in 2017 (Picture and caption: Kees Van der Wiet)This one is a bit of a mystery.

The original Dutch artist used a wooden frame to cover the artwork.

This piece was installed by Australian artist Kues van der Waal, who is known for his original paintings.

The painting has a huge amount of meaning for many people, and it was created as a gift to his family.

Van der Wael said: ‘This painting is an expression of the pain of the soul.

The work expresses my own feelings as a man of my times, and the emotions of my time.’4.

The “Belt” by Australian painter David Maclean, which can be found in his studio (Picture credit: David MacLean)This Australian artist was very much inspired by the world of his native New South Wales, and made this massive Belt sculpture to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the state’s mining boom.

The Belt sculpture has been on display in his home for over a year, and he says it has become a symbol of New South Australia.5.

The Golden Door by British artist David Bell, which recently opened in Sydney, Australia (Picture Credit: David Bell)A British artist has now installed his first work in Australia, and this sculpture is called The Golden Gate Bridge.

The sculpture was designed by David Bell in the late 1970s, and has since become one of Australia’s most recognisable works.

He has created works of art around Australia including The Golden Age and The Great Barrier Reef, which he also designed.6.

The Star-Spangled Banner, a statue of the American flag by artist Frank Stella, which also recently opened on Sydney’s harbour (Picture credits: Frank Stella)Frank Stella is one the most successful British artists to ever make art in the country, having recently created work for the British Parliament, and for a number of other prestigious institutions.

He is a very influential artist, and his work has a significant impact on Australia’s art history.

The statue is located on the side of Sydney Harbour, in the Sydney Harbour Bridge.7.

The Mona Lisa, by Italian artist Carlo D’Andrea, which opened in the United States (Picture Credits: Carlo D ‘Andrea)The Mona Lily is one very famous statue of a woman, which currently resides in the US, and which was designed in the early 1960s.

It was commissioned in 1962 by the United Nations in New York City, and is currently on display at the United Nation Museum in New Jersey.8.

The Statue of Liberty, which sits on the banks of the Delaware River, in New Hampshire (Picture courtesy of the United Kingdom)This is the only statue of Liberty that has ever been placed on the Delaware in the USA.

The Liberty statue was commissioned to commemorate her life and death, and her role in the American Revolution.

The bronze sculpture, which stands approximately 16 feet tall, was built in 1912 by the American architect and engineer Charles E. Bowery, and became the centerpiece of the Liberty State Park in New Haven, Connecticut.