YouTube has decided to block access to some of the most popular channels on its platform after it was revealed the company was secretly working with the National Security Agency.

The move comes after a leaked document by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden showed the company had cooperated with the U.S. National Security State.

The NSA has long been accused of spying on YouTube, but the data leaked by Snowden has put the topic on the agenda.

It’s also seen as a major threat to online privacy.

On Tuesday, the social network said it will remove access to videos that are “incriminating” and “intrusive” to its users, such as violent or explicit content.

Google has previously been accused by the U:S.

government of helping the NSA access its YouTube data.

YouTube said in a statement: We are taking this step because we believe it is in the public interest.

We have also removed videos that may violate YouTube’s policies or violate YouTube privacy policies.

The company also said that any content that is “violating these policies or practices” will be removed from the site within 48 hours.

YouTube’s policy also requires that videos uploaded after January 4, 2018 will no longer be accessible to the public.

YouTube users have been outraged by the revelation, which sparked a national debate over the role the U of A plays in the world’s largest online community.

They have been urging the company to take swift action.

Google previously said it would remove any video that “violates our Community Guidelines.”

The move was seen as an attempt to appease a number of conservative commentators and politicians who have criticized YouTube for allowing the NSA to monitor its user data.