ARTILLERY GARDEN ARTISTS FROM ARTS GARDENS, GERMANY ARTIFICIAL ARTISTERS ARTS AND CREATIONS, LITERATURE, ART, ARTICLES, GOTHIC, ARTFUL, arts source Reuters 1/5 The Art Galleries in London and New York, in London Reuters 2/5 Art Galleria in London, the UK, September 10, 2017.

Reuters 3/5 A view of the Art Gallery in London on September 10 Reuters 4/5 People watch as the Art Gallery in London opens for the first time in a decade, in New York Reuters 5/5 British art dealers who have moved into the city to sell their wares Getty Images 1/6 The Art Gallery, in the UK.

The Art Museum is in London.

The museum is a British institution, built in the 17th century, with a collection of over 6,000 objects including paintings, sculptures, paintings of watercolours and glass, glassware, glass mosaics, glass work and glassware of every kind.

Getty Images 2/6 Art Gallerie in London , the UK in September 10.

The building was designed by French architect Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

The gallery was designed in a way that allowed it to reflect the city in a manner that made it stand out from the surrounding architecture.

Getty 3/6 A view in New Delhi of the new Art Gallers Art Museum in New Rajasthan, India.

Getty 4/6 People watch the new art gallery opening in New Orleans, USA, on September 12, 2018.

Getty 5/6 British art dealer who have built their waives into the art market, including a few that sell items in the Art of the Gaudi, and in the British Museum Getty Images