A woman killed and five people injured in a deadly attack in Paris said her son was killed and she wanted to see her son killed, her husband said Friday.

Marianne Boudria, a mother of four from Belgium, was shot and wounded Thursday evening by three gunmen as she stood in her car outside a mosque, her family said.

A witness said she was on her way to the mosque with her daughter, a student, when the gunmen shot her.

The attackers then went into the mosque’s courtyard, where they shot the women and children and took their bodies.

The attack has left at least six people dead and more than 200 wounded, including women and girls, the French president said Friday in a televised address.

He said he wanted to “expose all the crimes of terror” and “make the world aware of the fact that we are all under constant threat.”

The attack on Boudrias car and the subsequent police response came as authorities searched for the gunmen and released video of them on the street in the early hours of Friday.

French police say one suspect is dead and another is in custody.

Police say the suspected attackers are also dead and that their car and explosives were detonated.

A security source told AFP that the two suspects were known to each other and were on a motorbike at the time of the attack.

The source said police were hunting for a third suspect who fled on foot.

Boudria’s husband, Jean-Francois, said he was “extremely saddened” by the attack and his family had to deal with grief and trauma.

“We have to cope with the loss of my wife, our four children and all the other members of my family.

I am a very strong person,” he said.”

There are no words for how much I am grieving.

It is a nightmare.

There is nothing I can do to show you how much it is.”

Boudriasa, who had a daughter, was a student at a nearby university.

She was born in Belgium to parents from Luxembourg and was studying in France.