There are lots of cool ways to capture and share medieval art.

Here’s how to create your own.

First, you’ll need to buy some medieval art frames.

There are lots to choose from, from the most popular ones to lesser-known ones.

You’ll also want to know which ones are suitable for your style of photography.

If you’re planning on making a wedding photo or just hanging a piece of art on a wall, then you may want to invest in some of the newer models that come with newer versions of the Canon EOS cameras.

They’re all quite pricey, but they’re all more or less worth it if you want to use some of your own art in your shots.

Here’s what you’ll want to buy:1.

A tripod mount (or tripod stand) for your camera (like the Canon EF-S 85mm f/1.4G ED VR II or the Canon DIGIC-S Pro 35mm f1.8G ED Zoom II)2.

A set of high-quality glass lenses (any lens with an aperture of at least f/4 will work)3.

A cheap piece of paper with a frame or two for your photo (I used this photo from the photographer’s Facebook page, which you can buy here: )4.

A pencil for drawing your pictures inks5.

A pen6.

A cloth marker for keeping track of your frames7.

A couple of paper towels8.

A small paint brush9.

A marker10.

A piece of wood (if you’re painting, you can use a piece from your woodworking cabinet or scrap wood)11.

A paint brush for applying your paints to your wood12.

A sheet of plywood13.

A plastic bag14.

A few dry-erase markers15.

A palette brush16.

A little dry- erase marker17.

A pair of scissors18.

A ruler19.

A brush with some sort of tip20.

A roll of tissue paper21.

A tiny brush pen22.

A black paint brush23.

A tube of glue24.

A bunch of string (optional)25.

A paper towel26.

A bag of glitter (optional, but I used this one from a store called ‘Halloween’ where you can get them online at: http:/

A cotton swab28.

A bit of glue29.

A big cotton swag (optional for your swabs)30.

A dab of white glue31.

A rubber band32.

A lot of nail polish (optional if you’re using nail polish)33.

A sponge34.

A bottle of nail glue35.

A handful of paint (optional!)36.

A white paint brush37.

A large paint brush38.

A spray bottle39.

A squeegee40.

A disposable sponge41.

A mask42.

A squirt bottle43.

A towel44.

A washcloth45.

A bandage46.

A tissue45a.

A stick47.

A tape measure48.

A mirror49.

A camera lens50.

A lens hood51.

A screwdriver52.

A needle53.

A toothbrush54.

A razor55.

A magnifying glass56.

A rag57.

A duster58.

A zip-up hood59.

A bucket60.

A sock61.

A coat hanger62.

A blanket63.

A hat64.

A pillow65.

A backpack66.

A hand towel67.

A t-shirt68.

A shirt69.

A purse70.

A belt71.

A sweater72.

A shoe73.

A wallet74.

A scarf75.

A umbrella76.

A hairbrush77.

A dust mask78.

A candle79.

A lanyard80.

A clip81.

A tweezers82.

A knife83.

A nail clippers84.

A torch85.

A box of glue86.

A broomstick87.

A spoon88.

A water spray bottle89.

A can opener90.

A toolbox91.

A toy truck92.

A vacuum cleaner93.

A baby bottle94.

A stack of cards95.

A jar of paint96.

A pack of tissues97.

A coffee can98.

A packet of toothpaste99.

A candy can100.

A container of nail varnish