By The EditorsPosted November 01, 2018 08:52:09The Rolling Stones’ iconic song, ‘Roll Over Beethoven’ has been one of the most popular songs ever performed on a stage, and the band have always been known for playing their signature song as a jam session.

It has been a hit for decades, and it has been used in countless film, TV and video games.

But when the Stones kicked off the World Cup in Brazil, they decided to kick things up a notch and play their famous song on the biggest stage in the world.

The band were at the venue and playing their classic song when they heard that their song had been pulled.

It was a pretty shocking turn of events, so the Stones decided to come up with an alternate version, playing their song as an afterthought on the first half of the stage.

“The Stones have been a world-famous rock and roll band for 50 years,” says producer Richard James.

“We thought that the perfect way to show them that we understand them would be to play them the song on a smaller stage.”

“It was a shock, because we have heard it so many times on TV, on radio, in movies and TV shows,” he continues.

“The song has become a huge part of our culture and our art.

So it was an interesting time for us, and we wanted to put something new on the world stage.”

The Stones were asked to come back for the second half of their World Cup debut show on Thursday night (November 1), which is when they were informed of the decision.

“I was completely shocked,” guitarist Keith Richards told BBC Radio 1.

“When we first heard about it, we thought that they were going to give it a go and try to pull it out of the ground, but then they decided that it wasn’t in the best interests of the band.

So we didn’t really have any idea what the response would be.”

It’s very difficult to say because we never get to do anything about it.

We’re in the middle of the world tournament and we’ve never done anything like this before, so it was really strange.””

We’re a pretty big-hearted band and we’re going to play something that’s different, and that’s something that we think people will like.

“Watch the Rolling Stone documentary on the Stones on the BBC One website, or listen to the clip here.