In the UK, we can shave our heads and our chests for as little as £6.25 and, if you want to save money, you can get a shave at one of the many shops selling shaving creams, body scrubs and beard trimmers.

But for those of us who want to go one step further, there are also a number of shops that will offer a shaving kit with a shaving cream, as well as shaving gel and shaving brushes.

But how to get that razor on your head?

In the US, there is an established shaving shaving scene that dates back to the 1800s, and the shaving cream industry is very much a part of this.

In the USA, many people today still use the old-fashioned methods of shaving and are very protective of the tradition.

For example, the American Barbershop (AB) was founded in 1879 in San Francisco by Thomas Waggoner and Samuel L. Miller, who were two barbers from New York who were keen to try out new techniques and to introduce their shaving products to the public.

In 1885, the AB was incorporated in California and by the 1920s, AB had branches in San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

By the 1950s, the company had grown into the largest private company in the USA and it continued to grow until it was purchased by the United States Department of Defense in 1997.

Today, AB is a multi-billion dollar company and has grown into one of America’s largest private businesses.

The AB shaving cream is sold by AB’s global headquarters in New York City and the company also sells its products in more than 60 countries around the world.

What is the best shaving cream to use?

Here are some of the best brands of shaving cream you can buy in the US: Allure: The Allure shaving cream in its Classic shaving cream contains the famous Allure hair oil, which is formulated for fine hair, thick curls and long-wearing.

This is an excellent product for the professional.

The soap comes in a plastic bottle and it can be purchased at most US retailers.

Allure Classic is a great choice for those who want a cream with an alluring scent.

The fragrance is described as “very fragrant, but not overpowering”.

It is an amazing combination of scents and textures, and it lasts for a long time.

It is also a great shaving cream for men.

The Alluring Collection: The product in the Alluring shaving cream has been designed specifically for the modern gentleman.

It features luxurious ingredients, such as aloe vera and lavender oil, and its texture is luxurious and smooth.

It contains only organic ingredients.

The scent is described by Allure as “smooth and refined, yet slightly masculine”.

The Allura shaving cream can be used for men, women or children.

This shaving cream comes in five colors: bright orange, purple, red and black.

The Original Shaving Cream: The Original shaving cream was created by the company that makes the famous soap, and is a combination of water and oils.

It comes in four different colors, with the best available at a price of £9.95, which also includes a shaving gel, shaving brush and a razor blade.

It has a long-lasting scent, and this shaving cream also features the best ingredients available for an affordable shaving cream.

The original shaving cream had a strong scent of citrus.

The Signature Shaving Shampoo and Conditioner: This shaving conditioner has been formulated to be the best and most luxurious shampoo and conditioner available.

It also comes in three different colors: yellow, green and purple.

The scents are described by Signature as “fresh and sweet”, which is great for men who are more of a scent lover.

The shave gel is available in four shades, and comes in two flavors, including vanilla and coconut.

The hair-care company also offers a lot of other shaving products.

Shave Your Head: Shave your head with the signature shaving soap, the ShaveYourHead shaving cream and the shave gel.

You can use these three products in any order.

The ShaveShower is a new shaving product that comes with a razor and a water bottle.

The shaving soap is made by Allura, which produces and markets ShaveIt, the brand name for its shaving cream which is used in many different brands.

The shampoos are formulated to contain the best quality ingredients, which are rich in fragrance and are also good for skin health.

Shaving is a wonderful and fun experience, and all the products have a special fragrance, making it a great option for people who want an affordable shave.

Be careful though, there can be allergic reactions to some products.

If you are allergic to anything, please contact your doctor before using any product.

Here is a full list of the shaving creamps that you can use in the United Kingdom.

For more shaving information, check out our guide to the best products for men to use in