As part of an experiment with the art of life, some of the world’s greatest artists and designers are painting to survive.

Here’s a look at some of them.

We’re on a mission to make your life easier.

By Kate Schramm, CNNArt of LivingCreative director of the Art of Living, Jennifer Neeley, says it’s been a long road for the organization, which launched last year.

I’ve been trying to think about the concept of living forever for about three years, and that’s when the concept really became apparent.

I’ve been in the art world for a little over a decade, and it’s definitely not something I’ve thought about a lot.

It’s not something that has crossed my mind, and there is definitely something I would like to do.

But there is so much more that I’m interested in doing.

Neeley said the organization is exploring the possibility of creating an art exhibit that could be displayed at museums around the world.

We are working on a project called Living for Art.

It’s a project where people can bring art to the table.

The Art of Life is an initiative of the Rockefeller Foundation, which supports creative endeavors and cultural exchanges around the globe.

Neesley said she has been working with the foundation for the last two years on a series of projects.

They’re focused on helping artists who are struggling to find work, including painting, sculpture and drawing.

Neenys mother, Joanne Dye, is a painter, and Neeleys work with her illustrates a scene from a film called The Invisible War, about the United States’ occupation of Vietnam.

She said her work is meant to highlight the need for artists and writers to continue their work.

Neeleys first mural is titled, “The Invisible War” and was created in the wake of the Vietnam War, where artists and activists were protesting against the United Nations’ decision to end its campaign against the war in Vietnam.

It depicts a group of soldiers walking toward a tank that’s being shot at.

In one of the paintings, Neeys painting of a soldier holding a weapon, the words “We won” are written in black ink, with a black marker.

It shows the message of the painting: “The invisible war was won, we are not dead, we will be here forever.”

In a recent interview, Neesley spoke of the importance of creating a platform for the arts.

“I want the art that I do to reflect my life,” she said.

“It’s about living life.

It can’t just be art for me.

It needs to reflect who I am.”

I know that the art community is really struggling, but I want to be the best that I can be, so I want the world to see it.

“In her own painting, titled “No Matter What,” Neey said she wants to use the platform of the organization to encourage other artists to be inspired.

She said she hopes the Art Of Living exhibit will encourage other people to think differently about the way they express themselves.”

I’m so excited about being part of the art movement,” Nees, who lives in New York City, said.

This is my way of being a part of this movement and trying to spread that message.

Nyeley said her paintings have been appreciated by the media, with The New York Times describing her work as one of her most popular.

Art of Life’s mission is to support artists in creating works of art that are meaningful, inspiring and accessible.

But there are challenges for artists who want to paint their own work, which is something Neeles mother, Dye has struggled with for years.”

She said the Art And Living initiative could help other artists overcome these challenges.”

She’s just very depressed and anxious about herself, and her art is a reflection of that.”

She said the Art And Living initiative could help other artists overcome these challenges.

Nieleys mother is a former teacher and artist, and Dye said she is working with her on a new book that would help people cope with depression, anxiety and a lack of motivation.

Neyleys mother, who has bipolar disorder, said she was working on her own book, titled, The Art Of Life.

Dye said it was important for her to create a book that she could share with others.

“If we can get the art industry to be more inclusive and more open to the fact that this is a problem that many people face and that we are all affected by it, then hopefully we can help each other and hopefully change the culture,” she told CNN.

“The Art Of Lived is a new initiative in which we’re working with art students and art teachers and art lovers to create art for people to look at and say, ‘That’s what we’re supposed to be looking at?'”

Neeles project has drawn praise from the artworld.