I recently got in touch with a couple of bathroom designers who have been producing beautiful, original and creative bathroom designs for some time.

I found their style very inspiring and the people who work with them are a very talented bunch of people.

I love that there is a very strong sense of community here and a lot of talented people are sharing their art and inspiration.

In this post, I’ll share a few of my favourite bathroom designs with you.

The first thing you’ll notice is the colour palette.

I love the contrast between the light blue, grey and purple that they have for their designs.

The designs are all beautifully detailed and they look fantastic in your bathroom.

For their second bathroom design, they decided to use the same design style but with a different colour palette, which is called the ‘candy pink’.

Candy pink is a unique, playful colour and is used to evoke a sweet or festive mood.

It’s a fun colour to use for any design, even a bathroom design!

This is the bathroom design with the ‘carousel of happiness’ theme that is featured in the new film, The Lego Movie.

If you’ve never seen The Lego® Movie, then it’s worth checking it out because it is a beautiful and entertaining film.

It features some of the most brilliant, clever, imaginative, and entertaining characters in film history.

Here are some more inspiration bathroom designs that are very popular among designers and decorators around the world.


The Rainbow Bathroom Design: The Rainbow bathroom design by Anna Kranz has received rave reviews for its creativity and originality.

This design is used in the movie, The LEGO Movie, and is a favourite amongst designers.


The LEGO® Garden Bathroom by Anne Proulx is a lovely, vibrant design with a whimsical vibe and features an elegant colour palette which is similar to that of the rainbow bathroom design.


The Lego® Barroom Bathroom design by Nils Moller is another colourful bathroom design that has a very unique look.

This bathroom design is a great way to add a touch of whimsy and fun to any bathroom design project.


The Aqua Bathroom Designs by Daeji Kim is a classic style bathroom design and features a unique watercolour palette.


The ‘Rainbow Bathroom’ Bathroom Theme by Gisela van den Berg is an adorable and whimsical design with lots of colourful design elements.

This bath design is also featured in The LEGO® Movie.

This is one of the designs that I’m always looking for when I’m creating a new bathroom design idea.


The Chocolate Bathroom Bathrooms by Yvonne Korte is another creative bathroom design inspired by a classic bath design.

This beautiful bathroom design uses an old-school bath design and is available in many styles.


The Sponge Bathroom is an interesting and fun bathroom design from Dutch designer Jan Hetten.

This gorgeous bathroom design was created by using recycled Sponge Bath Baths as a template.


The Biscuit Bathroom designed by Aja van Dijk has a lovely and colourful design that incorporates a soft sponge bath design as well as a bowl design.

It is a perfect bathroom design for any room.


The Orange Bathroom, by Yves van Dyck, has a pretty, colourful bathroom with lots to choose from.

This unique design is available as a kit and is very popular amongst designers around the globe.


The Purple Bathroom inspired by the rainbow bath design by Toni van Dyk is also available as kits and is one my favourite bathrooms designs around the planet.


The Garden Bathrooms design by Anjana Prakash is another great design that is unique to the design of this bathroom.

This fantastic bathroom design features a simple and clean design.

The design is inspired by gardens and is also one of my favourites.


The Apple Bathroom theme by Bjoern van Rensburg is a wonderful bathroom design designed with a simple, bright colour palette and lots of lovely textures.


The Banana Bathroom and Orange Bathrooms are both very unique and colourful bathrooms.

They are both made of coloured plastic and they are made to look like tropical fruits.

These two bathroom designs are perfect for any home decorating project.


The Tea Room Bathroom from designer Biju Thapar is a stunning bathroom design which has a beautiful design that looks great with a soft floral pattern and a cute splash of colour.


The Water Bathroom designs by Anna Van Dijk and Toni Van Dyk are beautiful bathroom designs.

These designs are both inspired by watercolour, so they are really unique and very colourful.


The Black Bathroom themed by Anna and Tani van Duyk is a refreshing bathroom