Art posters are everywhere these days, from coffee mugs to murals, and now the art world is starting to pay homage to them with some pretty unique ones.

We talked to some of the artists behind some of these work, including Emily Larkin, who created an art poster for the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Larkin’s poster, titled “The Art of Painting,” is $50 million in the bank, and it features two paintings, one by painter John Francis Bacon and one by artist Frank O’Connor.

But it’s a piece that’s more than just an art piece.

It’s also a statement of intent, a testament to the artist’s work, and an indication of the artist and the art community’s commitment to the arts. 

Bacon painted the first “painting” piece he ever created, in a series called “The Life and Death of a Painter,” which is a series of paintings created by O’Connors brother, Frank O. “He was always looking for ways to express his artistic sensibility, and the more he painted the more it became clear to me that he was always doing something unique with his own image,” Emily Larkins said of Bacon. 

“The art of painting is about painting, and that’s why it’s always interesting to see him work.

He’s always painting with a little bit of a whimsy about it.

He doesn’t want to look like an artist.

He wants to look more like an observer of nature.

That’s how it’s meant to be.”

Larkin was born and raised in New York City, and she grew up painting with the likes of Peter Geiss, David Burt, and others.

She’s never been able to recreate those images in the medium of film, so she turned to painting, a medium she considers an essential tool in her art practice.

“I’ve always been interested in what I call a ‘visual medium,’ where I can be very abstract and not necessarily put words in the picture, which is the same thing with art,” she said.

“There are so many other things that are not as well represented in film, and I’m fascinated by how different things can be conveyed through the medium.” 

Larkin’s art piece, titled The Art of Paintings, is $20 million in its current state, and Larkin has been painting since she was in high school.

She said the money will allow her to keep painting, but it will also allow her time to concentrate on her art.

“As an artist, the most important thing to me is the art itself,” Larkin said. 

In the past, Larkin and her brother have painted other pieces of art, but the majority of their work is still done in the studio, and in the art house, Larkinson said.

She and her brothers first started painting in 2005, when they were just 13 and 16 years old, and their first piece was a large mural, with a giant mural on top of it. 

Larkinson and her siblings said that painting has become something of a hobby over the years, and they’ve spent a lot of time looking for opportunities to get their own work out there. 

I don’t want my painting to be limited to what I’ve seen on the street, and even in the movies.

I want to do something different and different,” Larklins said.”

The Art Of Painting” is one of the few pieces of artwork that Larkin is proud of, and her hope is that people recognize her work and support it by giving it the attention it deserves.”

What I’ve always tried to do is show people the true beauty of nature, the power of the human imagination, and also to encourage people to keep doing their own thing,” Larks said.