An art project called Framing Art aims to help artists frame their art.

Framing art was originally conceived as a way to help women artists to get back into the art world, but it has since expanded into a more inclusive approach to getting women into the mainstream.

Here’s what you need to know.

Framing Art has a couple of different projects, both of which aim to help non-traditional artists to frame their work.

Art by the Sea and Painted to Death were founded in 2016 and aim to make the process of framing more inclusive.

The idea is to allow women artists the chance to frame paintings and use the opportunity to gain exposure and financial rewards for their work, said Art by the Seasteaders founder, Jana Mascaro.

“For women to have that opportunity is so powerful and so rewarding,” Mascado told TIME.

In both cases, participants are encouraged to share their work online.

Both projects have a goal to reach $2 million in pledges by the end of the year.

The Painted To Death website has more than 50,000 pictures and more than 500 videos of the participants’ work.

Art by The Sea has just over 3,000 photos and videos of its participants.

Mascaros said she was particularly proud of the women’s contributions to both projects.

“It is very empowering to see women and women of color in the arts who have the skills and the talent to be able to participate in something like this,” Mancaro said.

One of the projects in the Painted As Sea project is titled Framing by the Stars.

The art project is intended to help to give women artists access to their work through crowdfunding.

Participants are asked to pay $100 a month for the privilege of framing their work on a wall, and to get access to the artist’s artworks in a gallery.

Mancaros hopes the project will eventually help to pay for art education for girls and women.

“Women are often the ones who are most isolated and most underrepresented in the art community,” Mavaros explained.

“So when we can bring those two things together, that is something that we are really proud of.”

One more thing to know about framing art: The process is a bit more difficult than it sounds.

Framers have to paint an image and then stick it on a canvas.

But the process is not as hard as you might think.

There are two steps involved in framing art.

First, the participant must paint on a piece of paper, which they can then hang on a table or in a window.

The artist must then attach the picture to a piece to be framed. 

Second, the person must paint their image on the canvas, then paint the image over the paper to create the final image.

The finished piece is then ready to be hung on a poster.

How to Frame Art Mascaro said framing art is an exciting way to be an artist, because it is not only about giving people access to your work but also about giving them something to say about it.

“The beauty of framing is that it can be used to make art that is so meaningful to people,” Miscaro said, “that it can make art people actually want to be art, even when they are not.”

Framing is a very different experience than creating art.

Mescaro said a good example of this is her work for a fashion magazine called Vogue.

In one of the project’s videos, she said that while she is not an artist by trade, she can frame her work.

“In the process, I was able to put my own voice to the work,” she said.

“I was able, in some ways, to show the people who are not necessarily interested in my work that there are other people out there who do really like what I do.”

Mascario said she hopes to see more people in the field get involved in the project.

The first year, the participants in Framing By the Stars received $1,500 from the Art by As Sea fund.

Mavaross said the next project is set to begin in 2019.

Mascaros said they have plans to expand the project to include more artists.

“We are just at the beginning of the story, so I can’t wait to tell more stories,” she added.

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