A watercolor painting of a mushroom man made by an Indian artist has gone viral on the Internet.

“Mushrooms, like me, are seen as the ultimate form of art in the world,” said the caption on the image on the page of the website Watercolor Art Gallery.

The website said that the piece was created by artist Suresh Shukla.

The article went viral on Facebook and drew criticism.

Some people questioned the authenticity of the picture and questioned why the painting was uploaded online.

“I am surprised it got uploaded by this website.

It has never happened in India,” said one user on Facebook.

“It is a shame that this kind of work is not made by people of the same age,” said another.

A statement on the Watercolor Gallery website said the piece is from an unpublished piece and that it is currently being prepared for exhibition.

“We are in the process of preparing for exhibition,” the statement read.

The statement said the artwork was made on paper, but the artist would be happy to make the artwork for the public.

“There is a lack of awareness among the Indian population of the beauty and wonder of watercolors.

It is the beauty of the world and a wonderful experience that you cannot experience in person,” it added.