A crypto art project that allows the user to make their own art using a blockchain technology has received $1.7m in funding from a new digital asset platform.

The project, called Crypto Art, was created by a group of artists in Sweden to create artwork inspired by the concept of the blockchain.

The concept of blockchain was originally developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, who was known as Satoshi Nakatani and the founder of the bitcoin digital currency.

The artists in the project decided to use the blockchain to make art because it’s an open source and non-governmental platform that allows for a variety of uses, including art, technology, entertainment, and commerce.

This project has raised over $1m in total and is currently in pre-sale.

This project is funded by the Swedish government’s grant programme for new digital assets, a program that is used to support projects that are innovative, ambitious and will benefit society, the project’s website said.

“We’re working with a number of creative organisations, including the Swedish Academy of Arts and the Swedish Cultural Foundation, and we’re looking to attract more artists to our project,” the project said in a press release.

“The concept of crypto art is so unique that it has become an important source of inspiration for artists who want to make something new and unique.”

Crypto Art was created using a decentralized blockchain called Eos.

Users of the platform can create art on a blockchain by uploading and receiving digital art files, which the project uses to create an image of a blockchain block.

Artists are asked to upload their work to the Eos platform, which then allows artists to earn money from the digital art they create using the funds from the art files.

This means that artists get paid in tokens that can be sold in an online auction or traded on a platform like Ethereum.

Artwork uploaded to the Ethereum blockchain is not limited to digital images, however, the artists are able to upload a number different types of artwork.

For example, the artist can upload a picture of a horse or an animal to create a piece that depicts a person wearing a traditional costume or a tattoo.

This can then be displayed in a virtual museum or on a billboard in a town or city.

There are also other applications of this blockchain platform that allow artists to create art using blockchain-based technology.

The project has plans to release an app that will allow people to create paintings using this technology.

Artworks uploaded to Eos are also able to be uploaded to various other blockchain platforms such as Ethereum.

For example, if an artist uploads their work using the EOS platform, they can also upload a photo of a dog to create the artwork of a painting.

This type of art is called a digital image.

Artworks uploaded using the Ethereum platform are able a user to generate and display their own artwork.

The artist can also share their artwork to the community, which can then receive the artwork in the form of an ethereum token.

This kind of art can be used in a number other applications, such as advertising or merchandise.

Art images uploaded to a blockchain can be monetized by other people, including advertising or advertising companies.

The tokens generated from these artworks can then then be sold on a marketplace.

The tokens can be traded on exchanges and sold to fund further projects.

The creators of Crypto Art are also currently working on an application that will let people create their own digital art, using a different cryptocurrency called Lisk.

Art is not the only application being developed by the Ethereum community.

Another Ethereum based project, the Ecosystem, is also looking to use blockchain technology to help fund new projects.

The Ecosystem is working on a series of blockchain-related applications that aim to give the blockchain a place in everyday life, such a social media platform, an app for businesses, and a marketplace for art.

The team behind this project is also aiming to use Eos to build a digital marketplace for artists and artisans.

They are also working on various other applications that will be used to promote blockchain technology in the world of art and commerce, including a tool that will facilitate artists to sell their artwork on an online marketplace.