From a Pokemon collector to a Pokemon fanatic, this guide will help you to catch all the best fans at the Pokémon Fan Festival.


Get a badge at the Pokemon Fan Festival (Friday) 2.

Take the Pokemon parade through the park (Saturday) 3.

Make your way through the parade at the end of the day (Sunday) 4.

Make it to the Pokemon Hall of Fame (Monday) 5.

Get your Pokemon plush from the Pokemon booth (Tuesday) 6.

Head to the Nintendo Tree House (Wednesday) 7.

Meet and greet the mascot of the event (Thursday) 8.

Catch a Pokemon in your area (Friday and Saturday) 9.

Catch your first Pokemon in person (Sunday and Monday) 10.

Catch Pokemon in the park at the Mall of America (Monday-Friday) 11. Catch Pokémon at the Equestrian Show (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) 12.

Catch Pikachu at the Disney World Polynesian Resort (Monday and Tuesday) 13.

Catch the Pokémon in the Nintendo Switch Stadium at the Disneyland Resort (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) 14.

Catch more Pokemon with the Nintendo DSiWare game (Friday through Sunday) 15.

Catch an exclusive Pikachu in a special Nintendo DS-themed event at the park in 2019 (Saturday and Sunday only) 16.

Catch some of the best Pokemon in-game during the Pokémon GO Festival in 2019.

The Pokemon Fan Festivities is a family-friendly festival that takes place every year in Toronto.

It has grown over the years to include events in many different cities around the world.

The festival features the Nintendo Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS systems.

To help you plan ahead, here’s what you need to know.


Attend at least one of the events.

To be eligible for the Nintendo Fan Festival, you must attend at least three events each year, with each event lasting between three to seven hours and cost $12.50 per ticket.

You can also purchase tickets at the booth for a discounted price.

The events range from casual to competitive.


Get your badge at Nintendo’s booth.

You will need to bring your Nintendo Switch or Nintendo 3D Nintendo Switch XL, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo 3G or Nintendo DS handheld to the booth on Friday.

Attendees will receive an official Nintendo Nintendo Fan badge, which will be valid for one year.

The Nintendo Nintendo Nintendo fan badge will be displayed on your badge, and you can also register online.


Make your rounds in the Pokemon park at Disneyland Resort.

Attend Pokemon Fanfest events at Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland Resort, as well as Nintendo Switch events at the Nintendo booth.

The locations vary, so check the event calendar to find the closest one.


Get some plushies for the Pokemon fan.

The Pokémon fan merchandise you can find at the event varies, so it is a good idea to purchase the Pokémon fan plushies from the Nintendo shop.

You also can purchase the plushies at the mall of America or the Nintendo Shop.


Catch a rare Pokemon in real life.

To catch a rare or legendary Pokemon, you will need the following things: a.

A Pokemon ball or Pokemon box with the Pokémon stamp on it. b.

A Poké Ball or Poké Ball box that is at least five inches tall and weighs at least 10 ounces.


A Pokémon hat with the Poké Ball stamp on the front.


A Nintendo Switch controller.


A special Pikachu figure that is five inches or taller.


A Pikachu plush with the Pikachu stamp on its head.


Catch Pokemon at the GameStop booth.

Attend the Game Stop booth at the convention center in downtown Toronto.

Attend at the North American Pokémon Fan Festivals on November 1-3 in San Diego, New York, and San Francisco.

The North American Pokemon Fan Events is a fan festival that happens every year, starting in October 2019.

It takes place in Toronto every year.


Make it through the Nintendo fan zone to the Pokémon Hall of Famer.

The Hall of Famers are there to greet fans during the Fan Fest.

They will give out a commemorative badge that will be used at the festival, and they will also give out the official Pokemon Fan badge.


Catch Pikachu in the EPCOT Center.

The EPCot Center is located in Downtown Toronto, near the Toronto Convention Centre.

There are also fan booths in the downtown area of the ENCOT Center, but these are not the official Fan Fest locations.


Catch the Pokemon at Nintendo Switch.

The main attraction at Nintendo is the Nintendo 3.0 console.

If you are at the fan zone, you can catch Pokemon using a Nintendo Switch game console.

The game console you will be using is the Wii U. 10.)

Catch more Pokémon at Disney World’s Polynesians Resort.

The Polynesia Polynesias resort is located about an hour north of Toronto.

You have to be a registered guest to get in