NEW JERSEY — The New Jersey Department of Education has ended the aquatic arts program for Art College at the University of New Jersey, which began in 1999.

The school, which has taught students in more than 20 countries, was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 2012.

The program has also been featured on the cover of Time magazine, The New York Times and the New York Post.

The Art College is located at The Citadel in Camden, where students have taken classes since the 1970s.

The department announced Monday that the program had ended for good and the school would be transitioning to a new curriculum.

The announcement came as the school celebrated its 100th anniversary, which is now under way.

The students were told to expect to see the end of the program next year.

The New Jerseys Art College was founded in 1868 as a school for artists, and the program grew in size and influence over the years.

It is the only Art College in New Jersey and has an enrollment of more than 40,000.

It began in 1979 and offers an undergraduate degree in sculpture, painting and painting-as well as the Masters of Fine Arts and the Master of Fine Art.

The art school’s annual enrollment is about 60,000, and it is part of the prestigious University of Delaware, the largest university in the state.

Art College began in 2000 with a master’s program in sculpture.

The graduating class of 2021 included more than 1,000 students.

The graduates are now graduating from the program and will continue to work on its exhibitions, courses and programs.