I’ve been wearing my Disney Infinity figurines for a few days now and I’m loving it!

While there are a lot of things to be said about the 3.1.0 upgrade that includes the new characters, the biggest addition is the art of the new Marvel Heroes characters.

There’s so much content in the Infinity universe and the characters look incredible!

Check out the new Avengers characters in the gallery below.

It should come as no surprise that I love these characters, as they’re a lot more expressive than their first appearance in the 3 game.

These new characters are so fun to draw, they’re full of personality and they can take on a whole new look with some custom artwork.

The new Avengers are so much fun to animate and I love the way the new Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye all have different look and expressions.

The new Avengers have been fully animated in-game, so there are tons of new effects for the new heroes to look at.

If you want to make your own Marvel Heroes t-shirts, you can check out my Marvel Heroes Marvel Heroes shirt tutorial here.

While the Avengers are all incredibly fun to play with, the characters are also really cool.

The characters look awesome and the animations are fluid and detailed.

The Avengers are great additions to any collection and I really hope they make it into the game soon.

Check out the full gallery of Avengers heroes below.