The Christmas season is almost upon us.

But where to go for a little holiday photography?

In this article, we look at the best places to go, from traditional holiday shops and gallery shows to the local community to find the best of what’s available in the city.


Chatham Street Market on Chatham Avenue The popular Chatham Market, which offers a wide selection of arts and crafts, has been a destination for Christmas shoppers for over 70 years.

The market, which runs from January 1 to March 31, is an excellent place to shop for art, jewelry, home décor and other holiday décor.

A variety of stores are open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., with the best deals available for the following days, including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


The Stoney’s Christmas Market at the University of Guelph Located just outside the University campus, the Stoney Street Market is a unique place for people of all ages to come and enjoy their favorite holiday traditions.

The markets offerings are diverse, including handmade gifts and handmade gifts, as well as traditional holiday items.

Stoney City Market and Stoney Island Christmas Market are both on campus.

There are also many shops open on campus, including a coffee shop, bakery, gift shop and more.


Downtown Holiday Market located in the Town Square The Downtown Holiday Markets is a popular destination for shoppers.

A great selection of holiday gifts and holiday items are available, and the Market is always bustling with activity.

For example, there is a Christmas market on Christmas Day, which is typically packed.

In addition, the Holiday Market is also the home of the Christmas Tree.

The Holiday Market also has several holiday restaurants.


The Christmas Marketplace at the Village Market Located in the Village Square, the Christmas Marketplace offers holiday shopping in a festive setting.

The Village Market is one of the oldest markets in the City, and it is an outdoor market, meaning it’s a great place to be in the winter.

There is also a Christmas display and a Christmas tree.


The Old Town Market in the Old Town Christmas Market is located just outside of the City Hall.

The location of the Old Market, located in Old Town, is a fantastic place for holiday shopping and enjoying holiday music.

The Marketplace is located on the corner of Town Street and Avenue Street.


The Market at Downtown Christmas Market The Old Christmas Market has been serving the holiday shoppers in Downtown for over 60 years.

This is a great spot for shopping, shopping with friends, and enjoying the festive atmosphere.

The food vendors are always busy during the day, and there is always something going on.

There’s a huge selection of foods and holiday goods, and you can even shop with your family.


The Downtown Christmas Marketplace is open year-round and the Christmas Market located at the Old Village Market offers Christmas shopping during the holidays.

The New Christmas Market opens in December, which will be a great opportunity to shop and enjoy the season.

The old Village Market has the best holiday food and gift offerings in the whole City.


The Harvest Market located inside the Village Center The Harvest Marketplace at Village Center offers shoppers great food, fresh produce, gifts and more, with the exception of the winter season.

This market is also known for the Christmas tree, which has been seen in the Christmas parade and during the Festival of Lights.


Downtown Market at Stoney Market Located inside the Downtown Marketplace, the Downtown Christmas market is an annual event that takes place each year in December.

The vendors have been around for a long time, and they are always welcoming to shoppers.

The festive atmosphere is always on, with music, dancing and holiday activities.

The shopping area is huge, with over 20 vendors open.


Downtown Christmas Parade and Festival of Light The Festival of Lighting at the Downtown Holiday Parade and Festive Light in the New Town Christmas Parade is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the festivities of the New Year.

There will be over 50 vendors on the Parade, which spans several blocks, and thousands of people will be able to enjoy all of the festivities.


The Main Street Holiday Market Located at Main Street, the Main Street Christmas Market provides shoppers with all the Christmas gifts and gifts that they can imagine.

The selection of gifts includes presents, dolls, home decor, and more as well.

The main Christmas Market, is located in front of the Holiday Inn, with many vendors and shops opening for the New Years celebration.


The Art Gallery of Ottawa Located in a small storefront in the old Town Hall, the Art Gallery is one one of Ottawa’s most iconic holiday art galleries.

Located on the south side of town, the art gallery is a must-see destination for anyone that is a local, and anyone that wants to learn more about art.


The Chatham Christmas Market Located near the new Holiday Market, the Chatham Holiday Market features a variety of holiday decorations, including art, handmade gifts as