Art Basel in Seattle, the world’s largest art museum, opened its doors on June 8, and it’s already being hailed as the best art show in the world.

Art Basels own and operating the Art Museum of Seattle (AMOS) is an art-centric organization with a collection of more than 10,000 works of art.

But what makes it special is the amount of art that has been brought to life over the years.

Below are 10 of the best pieces that have been exhibited in the museum’s collection.


“Sister, Sister” by John CageThe artwork in this one is from a collection titled “The Artist,” which was exhibited in 1892, and was the first collection of Cage’s works in Seattle.

The collection was a collaboration between Cage and his friend and neighbor, Robert Blyth, and included works by the likes of William Blake, James Gatto, and William Powell.

The work was purchased by the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2008.


“The Great Work” by Robert Cray The work “The Work” is from the “The Painting” collection.

The artist, Robert Crey, created this work in 1878 in New Orleans, but his works were never exhibited in Seattle until the AMOS acquired it in 2015.


“Diane Keats” by George HirstThe work “Dying of the Light” was first exhibited at the Museum in 1885.

The piece was purchased in the 1980s by the Seattle-based art collection, and became the first painting by an American artist to be exhibited in a major museum.

The painting was originally on display at the Tacoma Art Museum and sold in 2013 for $13,000.


“Trouble with the Law” by Richard GainsThe work in this piece was bought in 2014 by the AMS.

The installation was originally installed in the Art Gallery of America’s Contemporary Art Center in New Amsterdam, New York.

The gallery was renovated to use the painting in 2015 and has since hosted the installation.


“Crazy Little Lady” by C.M. ForsterThis work by the German-born artist was originally purchased in 2010 by the art collection.

It was sold to the Seattle Museum of Art in 2015 for $1,200.


“My Life in China” by David SussmanThis work was originally exhibited in 1978 in Beijing.

It became the most valuable piece of art by a Chinese artist in the Seattle area when it was bought by the museum in 2011.


“Mister & Miss” by Ralph McQuarrieThis work, known as the “Pigment,” was originally painted in 1909 by Ralph M. Quarrie, who later became a major architect of the 20th century.

The artwork was sold in 2017 to the National Gallery of Art.


“Walking in the Park” by Charles M. SchulzThis piece was originally sold in the 1920s to the Museum.

It went on to become the largest canvas ever sold by the Art Collection and was purchased for $6,800.


“Bathrooms” by Arthur LydiardThe artwork “The House of Mice” was originally a series of murals by the artist and was created in the late 1920s.

In 2015, it was purchased from the AMSO and turned into a large-scale painting.


“What’s New” by Mary BeardThe work, titled “Wandering the World,” was purchased as a small piece by the Washington Art Museum in 2009 and turned the painting into a multi-level installation.

It features the work of other artists including René Magritte and Pablo Picasso.