An Egyptian art dealer is refusing to draw artworks by Disney princesses, and she says she will not be bullied by her bosses.

The artist, Frida Kahlo, is a prolific comic book artist and a pioneer of modern graphic novels.

Kahlo said she is “very uncomfortable” about Disney’s decision to stop her work from appearing in their “Frozen” films, but she has chosen to work with a few other companies who have expressed interest.

She told NBC News in an interview Tuesday that she is not afraid of Disney’s new policy.

But she also said she believes the company has been making false statements and mischaracterizing her position.

“I am very uncomfortable with the idea of being a comic book publisher, but I’m not going to be bullied,” she said.

Kahlo’s latest comic book project, “I Love Disney,” which she released in March, tells the story of a girl named Elsa who becomes friends with a prince.

Kahls story follows her trying to navigate her new life as a princess.

Kohls books are in print and digital, and the new series has already drawn criticism.

“I Hate Disney” includes cartoons and illustrations of Elsa and other Disney characters, including “Princesses.”

The Disney movies are currently scheduled to hit theaters on Dec. 18.

Kahl told NBC she will only work on “I Do” and “Disneyland” if Disney agrees to her demands.

Kahlos work is not in the Disney library, and Disney said it was not aware of the comics work.

Disney did not respond to requests for comment.