You can read a piece of art in real-time, even though it may not be visible.

Here are five ways to do it. 1.

Start by looking at the piece.

This can be done either by opening a new page on the website, scrolling down to the piece of text and then clicking on the icon to reveal it, or simply by clicking on a thumbnail in the upper right corner of the page and clicking on “Read” at the bottom.

This allows you to quickly and easily identify the image, or if you’re a visual learner, see the whole piece in one click.


Read the text.

In addition to reading the text in the lower left of the article, it’s also possible to read the text within the article.

For example, a blog post, news article, or blog post may be divided into sections or paragraphs, with the title displayed in a bold font and the content of the section highlighted in a darker color.

This is particularly useful if you are learning how to read text, as some of the most commonly used techniques for learning to read textual content, such as reading a caption or an image, can be learned with just a few clicks.


Click on the text you want to read.

For a quick peek at the text, click the icon next to the text to expand the article to read it in a new tab.

In some cases, this can be accomplished with the click of a button on a new window.

The text may be highlighted or in a slightly different color, or even in another color, if it has captions.


Click and drag the text across the top or bottom of the screen.

For some types of text, such the title of a blog, a paragraph of text in a news article or an entire article in a blog or news blog, or a paragraph in a tweet, you can use a drag-and-drop function to move the text anywhere you like on the page.

For other types of content, you’ll need to click and drag a little harder.

You can also choose from a number of options in order to resize the text so it’s visible in a different window or tab, and you can also click on the “Save” icon at the top right of the text area to save it. 5.

Click the Share icon next the text section.

This brings up a menu that allows you, as the user, to share the text of the piece, or in some cases edit it to your heart’s content.

The more options you give this, the more likely you are to get a successful result.