Art school students are using digital technology to paint their own works at the Art Center of Houston, a school in the southeast Houston suburb of Port Arthur.

The school is the only one in the state that offers a digital painting program, and the ArtCenter of Houston is one of two such schools in the country, according to art director James Meeks.

He said he was excited to see the technology used to create a digital art project, which he said will be used in his classroom to teach other art students how to make their own art.

The art is a collaboration between Meeks and his students, and they hope to use the tool to create more works, Meeks said.

It will be done with a combination of ink and watercolor and will be a project they can share with the public once it’s finished.

The project will be one of several digital art projects at the school, which will be open for enrollment in the fall.

“We wanted to do something that was a bit different and unique,” Meeks told NBC News.

“It’s something that we can create that is not going to just be something that you buy, it’s something you do.”

Meeks and other students have created three art projects in the ArtCulture studio space in the school building.

They’ve used a computer program to create art using the school’s digital paints.

The students said they are currently working on the first, which is a painting of a woman with an elephant on her head.

The woman is depicted in a bikini, with a bottle of champagne and a black cat.

The woman is seen drinking from a glass.

The students also are working on a second painting of the same woman, this time with the cat and a woman in a blue dress.

The cat is a lion.

The third painting is a more realistic representation of a human, with the woman dressed in a red dress and the lion.

Meeks explained that the students are creating their work to show their students that they can paint and create.

“It’s not just just about what you paint, it can also be something people will enjoy and will enjoy the art as well,” he said.

“The students are so passionate about their work and they’re really passionate about being in the right place to help kids be creative and to help the students learn the skills they need to succeed in the future.”