Posted September 04, 2018 14:01:03It’s not often a piece of art has been selected for the cover of a magazine, but that’s exactly what a group of British artists have done with their latest artwork, titled Art The Clown.

Created by photographer Luke Edwards, Art The Con is a four-part series which will explore themes including the power of art to change people’s lives, as well as the power that it has to help them to express themselves.

The piece will be on display at the British Art Gallery (BAG) in London, in time for the 100th anniversary of the coronavirus.

The exhibition has already seen its first public preview at the Tate Modern in London last year.

The exhibition is currently on view at the BAG from September 10 until the end of November.

The artist, who is known for his work for children’s book publishers, said that his intention was to “help artists to explore the boundaries of their work and their own personal stories in a playful way”.

“We’re creating art that’s fun, it’s challenging, and it’s about sharing the journey,” he said.

“In some ways it’s more fun to be a clown than a real artist.”

Art The Con: Art The Cat, The Clown and the Other Clowns (Photo: Luke Edwards) It has already been seen at the London’s Tate Modern, the Royal Academy of Art in London and at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Mr Edwards said the artwork was “inspired by the many ways that art can change people and make a difference in their lives”.

It will also be exhibited at the Art Gallery of Scotland, at the National Gallery in Glasgow, and at The Contemporary Arts Centre in London.

“It’s about telling stories of the power and impact of art,” he added.

He added that it was important that “we don’t see art in a vacuum, we need to look at it as a whole, in a whole way, in order to understand the bigger picture.”

Art is “one of the most powerful tools” for helping people to express their emotions, he said, adding that the art was “one that’s always there and never taken away”.

Mr Edsart, a former art curator, said he had “a strong interest in storytelling and art, so I wanted to create a piece that would be as engaging as it is visually striking”.

He said he hoped that the show would also inspire young people to take up art.

“Art is not just for art students,” he explained.

“It’s an experience that’s all about the human experience and we should have that experience.”

People should be able to tell stories, to share the stories they have with their friends, family and loved ones, which can have a big impact on how they feel.

“Art: The Clown in the Gallery (Photo by Luke Edwards/Luke Edwards Gallery) The exhibit will also feature other artworks that Mr Edwards has created, including The Clown at your Art Exhibition and the work of American illustrator Peter Simeon.

In a bid to promote the work, the artist has created a website to support the exhibition.

A full list of the exhibitions currently on show can be found on the Bags website.