By TechCrunch EditorThe artworks displayed on the walls of a new art gallery will be limited by a “few hundred pieces,” according to a press release.

The artworks, which are currently being curated by artist Jannika Czarny, will be available for sale for $10 each in a limited run of 1,500 pieces, but that quantity will be reduced to 300 pieces upon opening.

The gallery is slated to open December 10.

The press release does not reveal a specific opening date for the gallery, but the opening is expected to coincide with the opening of the new Wolf Art Museum, a new arts and cultural hub that will be opened by Wolf Art and will be home to a number of new galleries, exhibits, and educational programs.

The gallery will include a new interactive gallery that will give visitors a “complete tour” of the collection, according to the press release, which also explains that the new gallery will “bring together the best works of art from around the world in a new way.”

The Wolf Art museum is currently scheduled to open on January 13, 2019, but will open to the public as soon as December 10 of this year.

It will be operated by Wolf Museum, which will also open a “New York-centric art space” to house the new artworks.