The gallery Art to Frames, a new gallery in New Jersey that has the space of two Art Basel sites, opens its doors today.

The art gallery opened in 2013 with a small art show called “The End of Art,” featuring pieces by artists such as Damien Hirst, M.C. Escher and Alex Ross.

In 2015, the show had a larger exhibit called “Culture of the Future,” which featured works by such artists as Paul Tulloch and Dali.

“We’re very excited to open the doors of Art to frames to people who are looking for an outlet for their creative talents,” Art Lefler told Newsweek.

“Art is always a place for the artist, and now we can showcase their work in a gallery setting.”

Art toframes is located at the corner of Broadway and Second Avenue in Midtown Manhattan.

The gallery was named for a large mural painted on the wall in the mid-1800s by French artist Alexandre Lefloure.

The mural is the largest painting on the west coast of North America, and was one of several on the island of Manhattan during the French colonial era.

Lefleur said that his aim with the art gallery is to offer a safe space for artists and their work.

“Our goal is to create a place where people can come and work, and be exposed to different ideas without having to fear being judged for it,” he said.

“The idea is to show people how their art can affect society and change the world.”

The gallery also features a “Lafleurs Collection” of art, including works by Damien Hiltons, Mihaela Hiltz, Dali, Tullo and other artists.

Lafler said that he was looking forward to being a part of this new space.

“It’s a very important piece of art in the history of the city, and we’re looking forward with enthusiasm to being able to show it to people,” he told Newsweek, “especially people who want to see art on the walls of the gallery.”

He said that there is an opportunity to have the work of the artists that are featured in the gallery in a museum setting.

“There’s an opportunity here to showcase the works of artists and showcase the work that they’ve created,” he added.

“In a sense, I feel like a curator, because I can see the work.

I can go down to the gallery and see the pieces that are on the paintings, and I can also see what they’re looking for and the process of making them.”

Art Lofleur’s first gallery, called The End of Arts, opened in New Orleans in 2012.

That gallery, which also includes a large collection of French Impressionist paintings, was named in homage to a mural painted by Lofloures father, Pierre Lofler, on the back of the building that houses the museum.

In 2017, the new gallery, The End Of Art, was featured on the cover of Time magazine.

The artist and curator said that the gallery is designed to create an environment where artists can work, where they can express themselves freely and express themselves through their art.

“I think it’s important that there’s a space where people are free to work,” he continued.

“Because there’s no place for people to be afraid of being judged by their work, no place to be judged for being a creative artist.

There’s no room for that, and art has a way of making people think.”

Lofreur said he hopes to continue to create new exhibitions and installations in the future.

“These new spaces are going to give me an opportunity for more artists to have a place in New Yorks art world and to create something in the city that’s meaningful,” he explained.

“And to be able to have my work on a wall in NewYorks, to have something that I’ve made and have something people can experience, that’s something I’m really excited about.”

Art by Leflier on art to frames is on view until April 7.

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