The pixel art maker who went viral for his work in the “Black Lives Matter” protests and the art gallery in Los Angeles has finally opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about his journey.

The pixel artist and his team at Pixomondo have now taken to Twitter to talk about his experiences and share his vision for the future of art.

The video has gone viral, gaining over 20 million views in just two months.

“I’m very excited to finally share my story,” the creator of the artworks says in the video.

“The idea for my work started when I was just a kid in LA, and I’ve always been interested in the intersections between art and activism.

As I grew up, I realized how much it had affected the lives of my peers, especially my African American sisters and brothers.

They’ve always inspired me, and now I want to continue to push the envelope and create new work that reflects my love of the arts.”

He explains that the art world is full of “white trash,” and he wanted to create something that would highlight that “we are all human beings who are also capable of greatness.”

The creator says he’s already been contacted by many artists in the art industry to collaborate on new projects, including some with his group.

He also says he is very interested in seeing how many other artists are inspired by his work.

He says the first project he plans on making is “a little sketch for my own collection that shows how different our bodies can look and how our experiences are different.”

The pixel maker explains that he is interested in working with different artists, but not just for his art.

He wants to make his own work and explore the possibility of creating art for people that “don’t fit into the mold of the typical mainstream art form.”

“I have a vision that I want for the art and I want it to be different, and the more I make the art, the more different it will be,” he says.

“It’s my dream to see the world through the eyes of someone who doesn’t fit in any mold, and that’s what I’m working on.

I hope to inspire people to embrace their individuality, their uniqueness and their artistic power.

I think that’s important.”

The Pixel Maker is one of the creators behind the “Pixomondo” series of artworks.

He’s also the creator behind “Toxic,” a video game that is being developed as a sequel to “Black Lives Matter.”

In addition to “Pitch Perfect” and “Toxicity,” the Pixel Maker has also made works for “Game of Thrones,” “The Hobbit,” “Transformers,” and “Star Wars.”

He says his first major success story is the art for “Black Panther.”

The artist says he has been approached by many different studios, but he’s still in negotiations to make an album that will be available for sale.

“Paintings for other artists can be pretty costly, so I think the biggest challenge is getting artists to realize that there’s no point making art for free,” he said.

“Art is a business and there are only so many ways you can make money.

You need to get artists to understand the value of their work.

I’m doing my best to help those artists understand that, and help them understand how to make money off of their art.”

The next project he’s working on is a short film for an upcoming “Star Trek” TV show called “Black Mirror.”

He also is planning on creating a “Papal album” based on the “Holy Trinity” of pop culture icons.

He hopes to use digital art to “make art that reflects people’s experiences,” so people can “experience a little more than what’s in their head.”

The first art project that he created was “Tropical Storm.”

The designer says that the idea for the artwork came from a moment of frustration with the state of the world, as well as a desire to make art that would inspire people.

“In the past, art was just about people being cool, but it’s become much more about the people and the places we’re from,” he explains.

“We’re the ones that are really hurting, and people are trying to put a face on it.

It’s time to make a difference.”

The “Trip to Mars” art project he was working on for a month, the “The Avengers” film, and “Pepsi Cola” video he worked on all received international acclaim.

In addition, he’s worked with several prominent artists in Hollywood, including “Wreck-It Ralph” creator Ralph Macchio, “Punch Drunk Love” director Richard Linklater, and Disney Pixar Animation Studios executive producer James L. Brooks.