The Met Art Museum in downtown Cincinnati has become the first institution to host an interactive concept art exhibit that lets visitors create artworks for public display.

Artists can create their own work and send it to the museum for public viewing at any time during the month of June.

The exhibit runs from June 18 through Aug. 6.

“Our goal is to make the art and culture of the world available to everyone and we’re going to do it by using digital technology and cutting edge technology,” said Dan Wier, a senior associate curator in the museum’s Art and Design Department.

Art experts at the Met Art Center, located at the foot of Cincinnati’s Riverwalk, were inspired to create the exhibit after a recent series of events at the museum.

They brought together a variety of different art forms, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography and music, for a series called “The Art of the Week.”

Artists create and submit their work to the Met for public review in a series of online forums, which can be viewed by the public or archived by the museum in a virtual archive.

The Met also hosts a series that gives artists the opportunity to learn from one another and share their work.

It’s a chance to learn about the artists who make up their work and the challenges that come with being an artist in the modern age.

“We wanted to show artists that the art they create can be used for many different purposes,” said Wier.

“The art we’re using for this exhibition is by no means an exact copy of any work that’s ever been done by the artist.

We’re just using it for our own purposes and the people that are participating in it,” Wier said.”

It’s not about being an exact replica of any artist’s work.

We don’t have the exact artwork of any individual artist,” he said.

Art students at the university have been helping artists with their art.

For the next month, the students will collaborate on a series to present their work, along with the students who are participating.

Wier said the program is designed to give art students an opportunity to interact with their peers and learn from them, while also creating an opportunity for the museum to reach out to more people.

The program is open to anyone who is interested in art and wants to participate.

Wer said the museum is excited to bring a new art form to Cincinnati and to be a catalyst for people’s imagination.

“You can have a great experience at the Museum of Art, but it doesn’t have to be as exciting,” he explained.

“People don’t always know what they want in art, so we’re creating an experience for everyone, including kids, to be able to come in and see the art that we’ve created,” he added.

“This is a way to take an art form and make it accessible to the world,” Wie said.