DALLAS — “Dada” art contest creator and former Disney animator and illustrator David Hensch has set a new record for a single auction for his butterfly art supplies and art supplies company.

“DADA” art supplies will sell for $1,322,000 at auction on Friday, according to a statement from the company.

The winning bid was $1 million.

The company said the sale is the largest sale of its kind in history.

The auction was hosted by Disney in the Dallas Convention Center, and the proceeds will benefit the International Society for Dada and Contemporary Art.

The bid is a record for “Dado,” which was founded in 2013 by Henschi and is run by the same person.

The winner will be announced next month, according the company, which says it will have a representative at the auction.

The “DAD” art supply auction also sold a large number of art supplies at the show including art supplies, paintings, and a huge number of items for art and fashion.

The largest sale so far was for the “Dadas” art set, which included artwork for “Handsome Prince,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” “Coco,” and “Beauty and the Beast.”

It sold for $2.1 million, which was more than the $1 billion bid for the collection.

“Hollywood-style art and clothing were sold by the show’s first-place bidder,” the company said.

“The ‘DAD’ collection includes a large collection of art supply sets that feature some of Disney’s most recognizable characters and iconic designs, as well as an impressive selection of classic and modern art.”

“DADS” is also selling a wide variety of art accessories and furniture, including “Mountain Dew-themed chairs,” “Minnie Mouse,” “Dumbbell,” “Grimms Fairy Tales,” and more.

“Our latest addition is the DADS Collection of art, accessories, and furniture,” the statement said.

The art supplies are being sold in bulk by “Dads” owner Michael Fink to raise money for “The Foundation for the Arts,” a nonprofit group he founded in 2016 to help fund art and creative projects for disadvantaged children in disadvantaged communities.

“It’s been a wonderful journey for me,” Fink told ABC News.

“This is a way for me to raise awareness and support the work that I do, to help children, and to do a little good.

We’ve done great things for children in the Dads, and we’re working hard to bring a few more to fruition.”

The company is also working with Disney on the next installment of “Dad,” which is due in 2018.

“Disney and Disney Imagineering are excited to work together to bring “Das” to life,” the group said.