When the cast of House of Card was created, they didn’t know what to expect.

The show was set in an alternate future in which the main characters are all in the military.

This was set to be a fantasy story where they were all heroes.

But the cast was cast members and not all of them were the same.

Some were actually not even American citizens.

They were all actors and actors who had been cast on the show and were playing different roles.

In a sense, they were playing characters that are actually American.

There were also some American soldiers, which wasn’t a part of the show.

Instead, the main character was a woman.

But there were other actors playing American soldiers and not the main cast.

The other soldiers were mostly American soldiers from different countries.

So in the show, we saw that there are a lot of different ethnicities.

Some people are from France, some from Germany, some are from India, some people are Japanese.

There are a few Native Americans.

There is one African American who was played by an actor from Nigeria, but that was a mistake.

It was a misstep that I think caused the show to not be as good.

The main cast members were all American soldiers.

So what I wanted to do with this series was to make sure that they would be able to be Americans.

So we were looking for actors who were able to portray the different ethnic groups.

And so we found a couple of American actors who we thought were really good at that.

And the first episode was a little bit of a struggle.

It wasn’t the easiest thing to do.

It’s kind of like the difference between playing the roles that you were cast to play and playing the characters that you are cast to portray.

So I had to have a little patience.

The rest of the cast would be great actors and really good actors would come in and do really good work.

But at the same time, we were trying to make a series that is really American, and that’s what we did.

We knew we were going to have to get rid of a lot more American soldiers than the American ones.

We tried to keep it as American as possible.

So the second episode, it was a real challenge.

It had to be kind of a show that we could take from one episode to the next, but it was also kind of about the American people.

The idea of them being all American in that first episode, that’s really difficult to pull off.

It takes a lot for me to be able play a character like that, especially if I’m playing a woman, a Native American, a Latino, a Muslim, or a Jewish character.

It is not a part that I am comfortable with.

I’m very conscious of my ethnicity and the fact that I’m American, but I also have to have that character in my head.

The third episode is kind of an experiment.

I think it has been a really good experiment.

We were trying something a little different in the second and third episodes.

The American soldiers that were on that first mission were also American soldiers in the American military, and so we wanted to get to the point where there were only one or two American soldiers on that mission.

The second episode had to make the characters American, so we had to take some liberties in the other episodes.

So for the second one, we had the American soldiers come back from the mission and were on a plane that was on a mission to go back home.

And for the third episode, we went back to the original story line, which was the original American soldiers coming back from that mission, and they were still in the same barracks.

So there was a lot to work with.

There was a bit of improvisation that went on in the first two episodes.

There’s a bit where the character is really playing the role of the leader of the American troops.

The way we do this is that we give the character a backstory that they have never really experienced before.

We’re telling the story about how this character has been involved in military history and history of war.

So it’s sort of a story that’s a little more modern, but also sort of from the past.

The first episode also had to do a little with the fact, this is a very big, big deal in this world, and the American forces were going in to defend this world and protect their country.

So this story has to be told with all the violence and violence that the American citizens are going through.

And this is the story of the first American soldiers going in.

So when you see the first Americans on a map, they look like they are on a very large, very modern, very military plane.

And that is part of it.

That’s part of what makes this story so important to the audience.

When you see them on the map, you have to feel that that is the American way of doing things.

And it’s important to show that they are