A job posting on job site Monster, for the Japanese version of Apple’s job listing website, says the position requires “a serious work ethic, the ability to collaborate and the ability … to be emotionally invested.”

Read moreThe job listing says the job is based in Japan.

A Monster spokeswoman told Reuters the company is aware of the posting and has no comment at this time.

Job seekers are required to take an exam to prove their worth, and if they fail the test, they’re disqualified.

The job is only available in Japan, though Monster has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.

The listing does not specify a salary, nor does it say whether or not the job requires any training.

The job is one of several to be advertised for in Japan this year, including one for a senior designer in a department store and another for a graphic designer.

The most recent job openings, published last week, had the company hiring for an “art” assistant in a restaurant.

Monster does not have a site for hiring for its full-time employees, which means job postings on the site are typically more sparse and the company doesn’t make the job postings available online.

In an email, Monster spokeswoman Susumu Watanabe said the company did not have plans to expand its Japanese office, but would be looking for additional positions in the near future.