How To Draw Abstract Art Using a Paintbrush

The painting brush is the art form that began to appear in the 1930s and was one of the most widely used tools in the art world.Nowadays, painting brushes are

How to paint art at a local art school

Art school students are using digital technology to paint their own works at the Art Center of Houston, a school in the southeast Houston suburb of Port Arthur.The school is

Which is your dream artist and why?

The Dream is over!It’s over!The Dream’s over.The Dreamer is gone.The dreamer is back!Now, you can live life on your terms, enjoy the peace of mind of being your own Dreamer,

Three Greek artists put their stamp on free clip art

Three Greek-inspired artists put a fresh spin on the iconic free clip-art concept with this week’s free clip.  Artist Nokias, known for his work in Greek and Greek-themed art, posted a

Art rentals are down by up to 70% in New York

A large percentage of art rentals are experiencing an increase in demand.Art rentals in New Jersey have seen a sharp increase in the past two years, according to data from
Living room

The clowns, clowns and the Clowns

The clown is a term that has come to represent a variety of creatures from the animal kingdom to the human one, and its origins can be traced back to

The Secret Life of Art Director John Oliver and the Art of Being Artistic Source Vice News cover story title John Oliver on the Art and Artistic Profession in America: “If I didn’t want to be an art director, I would be a bartender”

The Art of being an Art Director: A look at the history and evolution of the Art Director profession.The Art Director is the most prestigious and lucrative art directing profession

A collection of all things art for kids

By Sarah Meeks, The New York Times The New Yorker’s Art for Kids series celebrates the most unique and inspiring art, books, and creative materials on the market today.In its

How to make a $150 flower art collection

You’ve probably noticed how flower art has become a popular trend in the past few years, but what exactly is a flower art and why should you care?Flower art is
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